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The Fish Feed Pellet Extrusion and Inflating Production Machine Line can produce both floating and sinking feed pellets for fish, shrimp, crab, etc. ,99hub.in

According to different fish varieties, the feed type will be various. And different ages fish require different sizes feed pellet. Our twin screw extruders can produce floating and sinking feed size range 1.2-12 mm by adjusting temperature, moisture, formulation and changing moulds. ,free holdem poker games

Our fish feed production machines also can be used for dry pet food production, such as dog food, cat food, bird feed, monkey food, etc.,rabona jersey

The advantages puffed feed produced by our extruders:

a zverev,(1) Eliminating anti-nutritional factors to improve the digestion and absorption of feed,  and then reduce excretion;

hentbol topu,(2) High-temperature sterilization, to ensure the safety and health of the feed. Improve feed quality to reduce animal diseases of the digestive tract;

football studs nike,(3) The fish feed production line including flavoring coating drum and oil sprayer. So that can improve feed palatability and flavor; Beside, we can add some medicines or vitamins into the flavors which can avoid diseases;

(4) Improve starch gelatinization degree. It is conducive to the digestion and absorption of starch. The study found that the extruded starch can make the gelatinization of feed from 13. 58% to 81.55%.,live bbl score

(5) Improve the digestion and absorption of the material. Fish digestive tract is short, and most of the fish belong to no stomach fish species, so the finer the material is, the higher the rate of food digestion and absorption will be realized. ,365 bat

free game apps to win real money,(6) The puffed feed is conducive to storage and aquaculture management. 

(7) Expanded feed strong water stability, can 16 to 32 hours without collapse, so the water pollution is very small. Low density and puffed floating feed can float on the water surface for easy observation of the feeding and growth of fish species. It is conducive to scientific management; Even the high density and high fat puffed sinking feed's water stability can be more than 16 hours to ensure fully eat off by the fish species, then can avoid feed waste.,betway altior offer

1. Fish feed samples for reference:

fish feed samples.png


2. Fish feed production lines:

Model (TSE65): 150kg/hr

TSE65 snack food extruder production line.jpg

mixer → screw conveyer → TSE65 twin-screw extruder → hoister(air conveyer) → 5-layer 5 meter drying oven → single drum flavoring line → cooling machine → packing machine(optional),cricket sport

Model (TSE70): 250kg/hr

TSE70 food extruder machine line.jpg

satta best app,mixer → screw conveyer → TSE70 twin-screw extruder → hoister(air conveyer) → 5-layer 8 meter drying oven → double-drum flavoring line → cooling machine → packing machine(optional)

Model (TSE85): 500kg/hr

Model (TSE90):1000kg/hr

Model (TSE95):1500kg/hr

raw materials mixing system → screw conveyer(bucket elevator) → Storage hopper → steam pre-conditioner → TSE85/TSE90/TSE95 twin-screw extruder → hoister(air conveyer) → 7-layer 8 meter drying oven (bigger ovens) → double-drum flavoring line → cooling machine → Storage bin → packing machine(optional),fight predictions boxing

3. Technical parameters:








150kg/h,casino game apps

250kg/h,satta best app

500kg/h,fight predictions boxing

1000kg/h,fight predictions boxing

play now slots,1500kg/h

Installed power

tennis shop mk,80kw

100kw,soccer camp dc

150kw,goat of tennis

180kw,p andujar

200kw,score ipl



betfair arcade app android,15×2×3 

22×2×3 ,baseball field

28×3×3.5 ,888 poker free play bonus

40×5×6,unibet esports

espn nba lines,50×5×6

4. Our service:

ao live scores,(1) Free consultation service for all processes;

play now slots,(2) Free project planning and design services;

free holdem poker games,(3) Free debugging till every machine running well;

(4) Free delivery management for loading, shipment and transportation;,cricket id uk

(5) Free workers training of equipment maintenance and operating;,score ipl

(6) Free new production techniques and formulas after sales;,baseball field

online roulette bonus,(7) 1 year complete warrantee and lifetime maintenance service and cost price spare parts.

Sales team with customers


After service photos

after service of technicians.jpg

5. Packaging and Delivery:

Packaging and delivery of shengrun machinery company.jpg

A. We will pack all necessary machines into wooden cases. For drying machine, and heavy extruders, we will fix them in the container with very strong iron wire.,score ipl

a zverev,B. If by LCL for small quantity machines, we will let send to QINGDAO port for loading.

C. If need containers, our trucks will take the containers from port to our factory for professional and safely loading, and then return to port for shipment.,free holdem poker games

6. india mega powerball company certificates:

certificates of shengrun machinery company.jpg

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